Starting with Security

Answers to a list of frequently asked questions stumbled upon while learning security,
curated by Shashank (@cyberboyindia)
Hi! I'm Shashank 👋
I'm a cybersecurity analysist and a part-time bug bounty hunter. Currently, I am a security analyst at HackerOne and DotQii. I am also a Team Lead at Cobalt, a crowdsourced security-as-a-service company
I have helped secure several companies like Facebook, Google, Apple CVE-2017-7063 , CVE-2017-7062, CVE-2017-2458, Microsoft, and 40+ websites in the past and can be found in their Hall of Fame.

My story has been covered by many techs & business media publications like LiveMint, TheVerge, IndiaTimes, etc. A book was also written on my journey by the name 'Career Rules: How to Choose Right and Get the Life You Want'

My other interests include cryptocurrency trading, mentoring aspiring security professionals, and reading. When not working on securing the internet, I can be found playing Dota, traveling places or reading novels.